Express Endorsement Form for School Board Candidates

If you are a school board candidate who has already been endorsed by the LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, Our Schools USA or We the People for Education, which are trusted partner organizations that have similar endorsement criteria, vetting processes, and values as the FFRF Action Fund, OR if you are an incumbent candidate who is seeking the same office, you may fill out the FFRF Action Fund Express School Board Endorsement Form (Form is at the bottom of the page).

Notes on the endorsement process and procedure:

  • Endorsements are made on a rolling basis and are decided monthly by the FFRF AF Board¬†
  • The endorsement process takes approximately 1 month to complete
  • Endorsements will not be made more than 18 months before the first election date
  • Once we have received the application, we will schedule an interview with the candidate to review the information in the form
  • FFRF AF will recommend the FFRF AF Board endorse the candidate
  • Candidate is then notified of the decision and can publicize the endorsement however they see fit.
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