Criteria for Endorsement in State House and Senate Elections


By requesting an endorsement from the FFRF Action Fund, you have the opportunity to connect with and represent a significant and growing demographic—the non-religious population, which now comprises roughly a third of Americans. Furthermore, FFRF Action Fund has more than 30,000 advocates across the United States, many of whom donate regularly to and get involved with political candidates.  

Mandatory criteria for endorsement:

The candidate has:

  • Demonstrated a tangible and viable path to victory/can mount a competitive campaign
  • Supports the separation of state and church, and the policies closely attached to the principle
  • Supports reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy

Other helpful criteria:

The candidate:

  • Is a freethinker (i.e., not religious, atheist, humanist, agnostic, etc.)
  • Is in a targeted race;
  • Opponent is a Christian nationalist;
  • Has completed a candidate training program
  • Placed, or is willing to place, a statement supporting the separation of state and church on the candidate’s website
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