FFRF Action Fund endorsements

One of the critical ways the FFRF Action Fund achieves its mission is through endorsements.

1. Rigorous Evaluation Process: When considering endorsements, the FFRF Action Fund meticulously evaluates candidates, initiatives, and legislation. Their team examines each candidate’s stance on issues related to secularism, civil liberties, and religious freedom. They assess whether the candidate supports policies that align with FFRF’s core values, such as protecting the First Amendment and ensuring a secular government.

2. Endorsing Pro-Secular Candidates: The FFRF Action Fund endorses candidates who actively champion secular causes. These candidates may be running for local, state, or federal offices. By endorsing them, the FFRF Action Fund aims to amplify their voices and increase their chances of election. Endorsed candidates pledge to uphold secular principles, defend the rights of non-believers, and work towards a government free from religious influence.

3. Advocacy and Education: Beyond endorsements, the FFRF Action Fund engages in advocacy and educational efforts. They raise awareness about secular issues, challenge unconstitutional religious practices, and provide legal support when necessary. Their work extends to court cases, public campaigns, and grassroots activism.

In summary, the FFRF Action Fund’s endorsement process ensures that pro-secular candidates receive the organization’s support, contributing to a more inclusive and secular society.