dynamic scorecard

FFRF Action Fund launches Dynamic Scorecard to empower citizens to track congressional support for separation of state and church


The FFRF Action Fund, a prominent advocate for the separation of state and church, is proud to announce the rollout of its revolutionary Dynamic Scorecard. This dynamic scoring system will enable the public to easily identify House champions of the separation of state and church and the rights of nonbelievers through real-time updates based on legislative actions as well as membership in the Congressional Freethought Caucus

Unlike traditional scorecards that are often only updated at the end of a legislative term, the Dynamic Scorecard provides real-time information on the actions of members of Congress. This allows FFRF Action Fund supporters to stay informed about the positions of their representatives and take immediate action to work with them to improve their support — and thus their scores.

“It’s time to hold House Members accountable on how their votes and sponsorship are helping — or hurting — the vaunted constitutional principle of separation between state and church, which protects most individual liberties,” says FFRF Action Fund President Annie Laurie Gaylor. 

“The Scorecard enhances FFRF Action Fund’s ability to effectively lobby to keep religion out of government,” adds Board Member Sean Meloy. “We aim to collaborate with congressional offices to help them enhance their scores. This new scoring system will be a powerful tool in advancing legislation that promotes the separation of church and state.”

The scorecard calculations are designed to provide an accurate representation of commitment to the separation of state and church. The debut scoring criteria include membership in the Congressional Freethought Caucus and co-sponsorship of key bills such as the Do No Harm Act (to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to protect civil rights), the Women’s Health Protection Act (to essentially codify Roe v. Wade nationally and bar medically unnecessary restrictions), and the Supreme Court Ethics Refusal and Transparency Act (to reform ethics on the high court). The FFRF Action Fund plans to incorporate additional criteria and adjust weights throughout the legislative session to ensure comprehensive evaluation.

FFRF Action Fund, which is the lobbying arm of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and has more than 40,000 advocates, plans to expand the project and launch a Senate version around Halloween 2023. 

For more information about the Dynamic Scorecard and the FFRF Action Fund, please visit ffrfaction.org/scorecard and ffrfaction.org.

FFRF Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) organization that develops and advocates for legislation, regulations and government programs to preserve the constitutional principle of separation between state and church. It also advocates for the rights and views of nonbelievers, endorses candidates for political office, and publicizes the views of elected officials concerning religious liberty issues.