FFRF Action Fund maximizes advocacy for atheists, agnostics and other freethinkers through educational, lobbying and some limited electoral activities. FFRF Action Fund supports (and opposes) bills in Congress and in state legislatures that further the separation between religion and government and social policy, as well as advocating for secular values. FFRF Action Fund also submits public comments for new rules and public policy initiatives, and supplies testimony.

A congressional legislative scorecard on liberty issues, to hold our elected officials accountable, is under construction.

Child Marriage/Child Sexual Abuse

Court Reform

District of Columbia Statehood

Faith-Based Exemptions
to Medical Neglect

Health Care Sharing Ministries Reform

In God We Trust

LGBTQ Equality

Medical Aid in Dying

Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions

Paine Memorial

Pledge of Allegiance

Prayer in Schools


Public School Bible Classes

Public School Release Time

Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

Religious Refusal Laws

Vouchers & Aid
to Religious Schools