Become an Advocate

By signing up for action alerts with the FFRF Action Fund, you will receive action alerts about legislative issues affecting you via email. With just a couple clicks, you will be able to take meaningful action and tell your legislators and members of Congress how they can support the constitutional separation between state and church. These alerts are unique to each state, so your voice will help to promote a secular government close to home, as well as federally.

Once you log into the Action Center, you will be able to take action on prior alerts, if you are eligible based on where you live. The Action Center automatically updates with new action alerts, and allows you to review details about your elected representatives. We are working to add more features to the Action Center, so be sure to check back for updated features!

In addition to our action alert system, after you sign up you will receive updates on the important work being done by the FFRF Action Fund and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Thank you for being a part of our efforts to keep state and church separate — and protect secular democracy!