State Issue: Abortion

The cherished American principle of keeping state and church separate is under serious threat from the U.S. Supreme Court and state legislative bodies around the country. The Establishment Clause, by erecting a wall of separation between church and state, enshrines freedom of conscience. The only way to protect freedom of conscience for citizens of diverse beliefs or no belief is for the government to be free from religious control. In addition to more obvious state/church issues, we should protect the right of the individual to be free from religious dictation in determining if and whether to become a parent, use contraception or terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Controlling and demonizing women’s bodies have been religious staples for centuries. Combined with outdated views on human life “beginning at conception,” a theological rather than scientific concept, it is plain to see that modern laws limiting access to abortion and contraception are theocratic vestiges. The FFRF Action Fund opposes such limitations and considers reproductive autonomy to be a fundamental issue of state/church separation.