Take Action – Protest Walgreens’ medication abortion announcement

Please join the many individuals and groups pressuring Walgreens for caving to political pressure to say they will deny medication abortion prescriptions even in some states where abortion remains legal.

The Biden administration in January moved to allow retail pharmacies to dispense medication abortion, after the FDA found the pills are safe to use without a doctor’s visit. Both Walgreens and CVS pharmacies applied to receive certification from the FDA, and are awaiting approval. In reaction, more than 20 GOP state attorneys general sent a threatening letter to Walgreens and other major pharmacies seeking to discourage them from dispensing the pill by mail in their particular states. Walgreens, the nation’s second-largest pharmacy chain, then agreed that even if it receives FDA certification, it would not dispense the pill Mifepristone in those 21 states  — not only by mail, but in person. It was the only pharmacy to capitulate.

The attorneys general claim to have women’s health in mind, although there is no difference in major adverse events between medical and surgical abortion, and despite the fact that aborting a pregnancy is generally 14 times safer than childbirth. They also claimed “mail-order abortion pills also invite the horror of an increase in coerced abortions.” Yet these anti-abortion attorneys general show no concern about the horror of compulsory pregnancies and coerced deliveries.

Among the states where abortion remains legal but where Walgreens has agreed, if it receives certification, not to offer medication abortion are: Alaska, Florida (legal until 15 weeks), Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia. (Some of these states passed abortion bans, but they’re currently enjoined by court order.)

Multiple ways to apply pressure:
Use FFRF’s speedy automated system, which will allow you to email Senior Vice President of Pharmacy and Healthcare Rick Gates directly.

You can also complain:

  • In person or by phoning your local Walgreens
  • Phoning corporate offices: (847) 914-2500 (main corporate number) or (800) 925-4733 (customer service)
  • By filling out a customer service form.
  • Writing Walgreens: 200 Wilmot Rd., Deerfield IL 60015.

We have included suggested language through the “Take Action” button, which you can customize as you see fit. For best results, please be succinct and polite. If you are a regular Walgreens customer and Rewards card holder, please be sure to mention that fact as well as if you live in a state where abortion remains legal, but Walgreens says that, if it is certified, it will not offer this service.