TAKE ACTION: Urge a Missouri Senate committee to reject dangerous anti-abortion measures

Missouri lawmakers are stopping at nothing to further restrict abortion rights for all residents! The Missouri Senate Health and Welfare Committee will hear three pieces of legislation tomorrow, Feb. 22, that will further limit abortion access in the state. Please act quickly to prevent these motions from being approved!

SB 160 is a gross overreach by legislators! This bill states that no federal law, order or regulation can prohibit the state of Missouri from restricting funds to assist with abortion access in any capacity. This bill would also create strict financial limitations on health care facilities that have a mere association or affiliation with a facility that performs abortions.

Additionally, Missouri is working to amend the state Constitution to further restrict abortion access. SJR 8 and SJR 19 will each be voted on by the Legislature and sent to voters for approval. SJR 8 proposes to prohibit state funds being used for any clinic, physician’s office or any other place or facility in which abortions are performed or induced or any affiliate or associate of such an entity. SJR 19 would ensure that no part of the Constitution would protect abortion rights. It is not enough that the Legislature wants to pass laws to further restrict abortion; it now wants to enshrine such dangerous practices in the state Constitution. Both of these devastating amendments would bring Missouri closer to becoming an anti-abortion-based theocracy, and they need to be stopped now!

All three of these motions will be heard on Feb. 22, so it’s vital to act today! We have included suggested language through the “Take Action” button, which you may customize as you see fit. For best results, please be succinct and polite.