TAKE ACTION: Urge an Illinois Senate committee to end public funding of conversion therapy!

An anti-theocratic Illinois bill needs your support! The Illinois Executive Senate Committee will be hearing House Bill 2572 tomorrow, May 3, and this is your chance to make your support known. Help push Illinois away from conversion therapy today!

HB 2572 will ensure that no state funds are used to fund any entity — including religious organizations — performing conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a dangerous and discredited practice aimed at altering a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity, very often using religion to inspire shame and guilt in their identities. These practices have led to psychological trauma and have never worked. As attacks on the LGBTQ-plus community elevate across the country, it’s important for Illinois to take a stand against rising Christian nationalism. It’s time to ensure taxpayers are not paying for these barbaric practices!

This bill is finally being heard after weeks of inactivity, so please help to make sure Illinois senators know how important it is to you! We have provided suggested language through the “Take Action” button, which can be customized to your liking. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in this state to take part in this action alert.)