book banning
TAKE ACTION: Urge an Indiana House committee to reject a book banning bill

An Indiana bill would attack freedom of thought in public schools! 

The Indiana House Education Committee will be hearing Senate Bill 12 very soon, so please act quickly to keep religious fear-mongering out of public schools!

SB12 would allow school librarians to be charged with a felony if they provide “harmful material” to minors. The term is defined extremely broadly to allow overzealous parents the ability to protest books that go against their beliefs! Many of these bans target books like Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, describing it as “pornographic.” The real intention lies in the harsh criticism of religion, especially Christian nationalism. Don’t let religion stand in the way of education!

Indiana lawmakers have already pushed this bill through the first chamber of the Legislature, so please don’t let it move through the second! We have provided suggested talking points through the “Take Action” button, which can be customized to your liking. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in this state to take part in this action alert.)