TAKE ACTION: Urge the Michigan House Judiciary committee to support secular recovery!

FFRF Action Fund needs your help! House Bill 4690 will be heard by the House Judiciary committee on Wednesday, June 21. This necessary bill will make Michigian a safer and more welcoming place for the secular community, so take action today!

HB 4690, co-authored by FFRF Action Fund, will ensure that all individuals who are mandated to attend recovery support programs are provided with secular options. While secular support groups are available, most individuals are completely unaware of their existence, and are instead funneled into faith-based 12-step model programs. Too often, individuals are denied the option to recover in a program that won’t attempt to convert them. It’s time to show support to a vulnerable population!

If you or someone you know in Michigan has a story to tell about this issue, please reply to this email and let us know! We are seeking storytellers to show the legislature why this bill is so important.

The House Judiciary committee is the first challenge for the bill to clear, so please help make sure it gets off the ground! We have included suggested language through the “Take Action” button, which you can customize to your liking. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in this state to participate in this action alert.)