Clergy abuse
TAKE ACTION: Urge Washington senators to stand against clergy abuse!

Washington legislators need to hear from you once again!

A House committee has made crucial amendments to close a dangerous loophole in Senate Bill 5280, which seeks to make members of clergy mandated reporters of abuse. Now that the House has passed the amended version, we need you to contact your senators to urge them to concur with the amended version of the bill that the House passed!

If enacted, SB 5280 would require clergy members to report the abuse of a child when it becomes known to them. Prior to the House amendment, the bill included an exemption for clergy-penitent privilege. This meant that there was a loophole that would not require clergy members to disclose information if they were made aware of abuse during confession. Members in the House did a great job to work to close this loophole! As more and more cases come to light revealing instances of abuse, it is long past due to mandate that clergy members report suspected child abuse with zero exceptions. There are too many cautionary tales that show what could happen if this loophole isn’t closed. Tell your senator to take a stand and concur with the amended version of the bill to ensure that the confessional loophole is closed!

A vote on concurrence could happen at any moment in the Senate, so please act now! For best results, please remember to be polite and succinct.

(Note: You must live in this state to take part in this action alert.)