TAKE ACTION: Urge your Florida representative to vote against a dangerous abortion ban

Florida lawmakers need to hear from you! 

FFRF has been fighting against Senate Bill 300 as it moves through the Florida Legislature, and we’re asking for your help again. Please take action today to urge your Florida House representative to vote against a dogmatic abortion ban — before it’s too late!

SB 300 would shorten legal abortion to only six weeks. This follows suit with many similar heartbeat bills, aiming to block Florida residents’ access to abortion entirely. Many individuals don’t even know they’re pregnant at six weeks! This bill aims to give more rights to a fetus than the person who carries it, coming from outdated religious mindsets that force such views onto everyone else. Take a stand before Florida completely destroys bodily autonomy!

This bill has been moving largely unopposed through committees, so there’s no time to wait. Take action today! We have included suggested language through the “Take Action” button, which can be customized as you see fit. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in this state to take part in this action alert.)