TAKE ACTION: Urge your N.C. legislators to oppose harmful voucher bills

The latest Tar Heel State voucher scheme would funnel your tax dollars to fund private schools!

North Carolina legislators are advancing two companion voucher bills: Senate Bill 406 and House Bill 823.

H 823/S 406 would expand North Carolina’s private school voucher program by removing all eligibility requirements. Taxpayer funds would be available to pay for private school tuition regardless of the family’s income or whether the student already attends a private school. The result is that millions of taxpayer dollars that should go to public schools will instead go to private schools — to pay for students who would have attended private schools anyway. These types of bills are discreetly aimed to promote a religious education with taxpayer dollars.

These bills are unfortunately a top priority for the Legislature, so please take action today to tell your representatives that public funds should go to public schools!

(Note: you must live in the state to participate.)