A photo of Alexander Dewitt speaking at a city commission

FFRF Action Fund endorses Alexander Dewitt for Bay City (Mich.) Commission


FFRF Action Fund is pleased to announce its endorsement of Alexander Dewitt to represent Bay City’s 6th Ward on the Bay City (Mich.) Commission. 

Dewitt is a strong advocate for separation of religion and government. He vocally challenged the commission’s invocation policy, in which the city clerk routinely leads a prayer to “Almighty God,” and followed up his public objections with a formal complaint. He also wrote an op-ed supporting state/church separation to commemorate Constitution Day. Dewitt openly describes himself as an atheist, though he does not consider himself an “anti-theist.” We are confident that he will be a voice of reason and a champion for secularism on a board that currently appears to give special favors to religion.

Dewitt’s campaign is also focused on promoting transparency and accountability in the Bay City Commission, an effort Dewitt has worked to advance as a private citizen.

“Alexander is a lifetime resident of the 6th Ward and is running an impressive campaign,” comments FFRF Action Fund President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “We are confident that he is the best candidate for this position and think he has a strong chance of success.”

This nonpartisan election will be held on Nov. 5. We strongly urge our Michigan advocates to support Dewitt’s candidacy, including by showing up to vote for him if you are able, and to encourage residents of Bay City’s 6th Ward to do the same.