Florida Senate

Carlos Guillermo Smith, District 17

The FFRF Action Fund is pleased to endorse Carlos Guillermo Smith, who is running for the Florida Senate, District 17 (Orlando and western suburbs), as a Democrat. 

Guillermo Smith exceeds all of the FFRF Action Fund’s criteria for endorsement, which includes a viable path to victory, support for reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy and for the separation of church and state, and policies aligned with this constitutional principle.

Guillermo Smith has appeared on the Facebook Live show “Ask an Atheist” and is openly agnostic. 

Guillermo Smith has a history of electoral success, having previously represented the Orlando area in the Florida House. He narrowly lost his reelection bid in 2022 due to Republican gerrymandering. Much of his former House district now falls within Senate District 17. The seat for this district is open, with the incumbent Democratic senator retiring due to term limits. Currently, Guillermo Smith faces no primary opponents, and the district leans Democratic.

Numerous local political leaders and organizations have endorsed Guillermo Smith, including U.S. Rep. and Congressional Freethought Caucus member Maxwell Frost, whose district encompasses Orlando, and seven of the 12 incumbent Democratic senators in the Florida Senate. His endorsements also come from various organizations, including Equality Florida PAC, AFL-CIO (Unite Here, IBEW, Teachers Union, etc.), the Florida Democratic Party, Victory Fund and the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans.

Guillermo Smith is determined to uphold secular and humanist values, opposing the far right’s efforts to enforce its ideologies on matters such as LGBTQ-plus rights and abortion. He is dedicated to protecting our secular government from religious encroachment by the Republican legislative majority in Florida and by Gov. Ron DeSantis.