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Huckabee is deplored, county rep praised for voting no on ‘Christian heritage month’


FFRF Action Fund names Mike Huckabee its “Theocrat of the Week” for his shocking statement, which reads like a threat, that if Trump’s legal problems keep him from winning in 2024, “It’s going to be the last election that will be decided by ballots rather than bullets.” FFRF Action Fund is delighted, on the other hand, to hand a figurative bouquet to the only supervisor on the El Dorado (Calif.) County Board to vote against a resolution declaring a county “Christian heritage month.”

Huckabee made his irresponsible remarks recently on his “Huckabee” program, which is broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Huckabee has grown rich from a long career as a Christian nationalist and extremist politician and commentator. Several years ago from his desk as then-Governor of Arkansas, he even sent out a pandering fundraising letter targeting the Freedom From Religion Foundation. A Southern Baptist, he was a pastor who preached for 12 years in Arkansas pulpits before becoming governor, according to Religion News Service. His causes include demanding “personhood” for zygotes. His opposition to abortion wouldn’t change, he maintained in 2015, even for a pregnant 10-year-old rape victim. He routinely attacks LGBTQ rights, notably defending Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis — who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and was just ordered to pay $100,000 to one couple she refused.

“Huckabee is a hater in the name of religion,” says Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF Action Fund president, “but his latest statement should be condemned by all Americans, regardless of party affiliation.”

Lori Parlin wins her secular credentials for having the integrity to vote against the California county’s adoption of an annual “Christian Heritage Month.” After her lone “no” vote, opposition by many outraged community members has continued to grow. Supervisor Brooke Laine, since voting yes, has voiced regrets. Although county records record her as voting yes, she maintains she abstained from the vote, but regrets that “I stood in silence. . . . I should have voted against it.” The Action Fund also thanks many active community members who have spoken out and started petitions.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is affiliated with FFRF Action Fund, had strongly objected to the resolution as based on bad history, and called it “rude, ignorant and unwelcoming for county board members” to adopt a resolution essentially claiming El Dorado County is a “Christian county.”

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