Iowa House

Elinor Levin, District 89

The FFRF Action Fund is pleased to endorse Elinor Levin, who is running for reelection to Iowa House District 89 as a Democrat. 

During her first campaign, Levin easily defeated a religious extremist who ran on an anti-abortion, voucher-friendly platform. FFRF Action Fund is delighted to report that Levin openly supports reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy, the separation of church and state, and policies aligned with this constitutional principle.

Levin has already established herself in her one term in the Iowa House of Representatives as a champion of the principles of secular government, sponsoring bills seeking to protect reproductive and LGBTQ-plus rights. 

Numerous local and national organizations have endorsed Levin, including Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa PAC, the LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, One Iowa Action, and the Iowa State Education Association.

Levin steadfastly champions secular and humanistic principles — standing against the religious right agenda seeking to impose its beliefs against LGBTQ-plus rights and abortion. At a time when these values are under attack more than ever in Iowa, we enthusiastically support her candidacy for representing Iowa’s 89th House District.

We ask all of our Iowa advocates in her district to vote for her and for others outside her district to do what they can to encourage a vote for her on Nov. 5. Find out more about her candidacy.