National Prayer Breakfast Reforms

FFRF Action Fund seeks to build on the success from previous years where the Prayer Breakfast has been separated from the opaque Christian nationalist Fellowship Foundation. The change occurred because of the pressure placed upon Congress by FFRF and a broad coalition of civil rights, religious and secular organizations — along with superlative investigative reporting by TYT’s reporter Jonathan Larsen and by journalist and author Jeff Sharlet. The significance of this change is that:

Christian nationalists and dominionists will no longer be able to summon the President to appear at the Fellowship Foundation’s annual conference and demand an exclusive address. Conference attendees can watch the same public broadcast as the rest of the world on C-SPAN. The days of Franklin Graham and other religious idealogues glaring up from the dais to the President at the Prayer Breakfast are over.

It is now undeniable that the Fellowship Foundation is an organization that promotes Christian nationalism and dominionism. If an elected official wants to engage the Fellowship Foundation and attend the two-day conference (reduced from four), they will be attending with the full knowledge they are supporting an organization that blatantly supports a Christian nationalist and dominionist agenda. And the unregulated lobbying bonanza that allowed Maria Butina, as part of the Russian influencing campaign and Mike Lindell to gain influence with the Trump administration has been relegated to the Hilton hotel and away from members of Congress.  

Oligarchs who have used the breakfast in the past to gain influence will need to use normal and publicly reported lobbying channels to influence US government officials and policy.