North Carolina Governor

Attorney General Josh Stein

The FFRF Action Fund is pleased to endorse Attorney General Josh Stein in his bid for governor.

Stein exceeds all of the FFRF Action Fund’s criteria for endorsement, which includes a viable path to victory, support for reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy, support for the separation of church and state, and policies aligned with this constitutional principle. 

Stein is a Democrat and former state senator. He is North Carolina’s first Jewish statewide-elected official. Notably, Stein filed briefs in support of medication abortions and has opposed North Carolina’s 12-week abortion ban.

Stein’s Republican opponent, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, is an open Christian nationalist who won his 2020 election by three percentage points. Since assuming office, Robinson has gained notoriety for repeatedly making outrageous comments, including opposing abortion, calling for the removal of science and history from public elementary schools, and labeling climate change “godless … junk science.” His antisemitic remarks extend to denying the Holocaust. He opposes LGBTQ rights. He has stated that God wants men to lead rather than women, and blames school shootings on the Supreme Court’s 1962 ruling that school-sponsored prayers are unconstitutional. Robinson has also claimed that “every good thing that’s ever come up in this nation, every problem that we’ve ever needed solved — it’s all been solved by people who believed in Jesus Christ.”

Stein is endorsed by Reproductive Rights for All (formerly NARAL Pro-Choice) and the Human Rights Campaign, among a broad coalition of many other groups.

This year’s state elections are crucial for North Carolina, and the governor race is expected to be very close. FFRF Action Fund is pleased to endorse Stein, and asks all of our North Carolina advocates to encourage others to vote for him. Please find out more about him by visiting his campaign website