Oklahoma lawmakers want to instill their religion on you and your children

Oklahoma lawmakers continue to insist on chipping away at the wall that separates state from church.  Two bills have been filed that would require copies of the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public spaces.

First, House Bill 2962 would require all public school classrooms to display the Ten Commandments. Senate Bill 1858 would require that the Ten Commandments be “prominently displayed and protected on the inside and outside of the Oklahoma state Capitol as a symbol of its historic significance for Oklahoman and American history.”

Despite what Oklahoma lawmakers want you to believe, these two bills run directly counter to American principles and to the state and federal constitutions. As recently as 2015, the Oklahoma Supreme Court held that the Ten Commandments monument violates Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution. In a 1980 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, a law requiring Ten Commandments displays in public school classrooms was ruled unconstitutional for violating the federal Establishment Clause.

Write your legislators to let them know that Oklahoma’s public spaces are not open for their religious proselytization. These bills are clearly unconstitutional and have no place in Oklahoma!

(Note: You must live in Oklahoma to take part in this campaign.)