Pennsylvania House

Rep. Chris Rabb, District 200

The FFRF Action Fund is pleased to endorse Pennsylvania state Rep. Chris Rabb, who is running for reelection in District 200.

Rabb is openly nonreligious and exceeds all of the FFRF Action Fund’s criteria for endorsement, which includes a viable path to victory, support for reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy, for the separation of church and state, and policies aligned with this constitutional principle. 

Rabb appeared on a recent episode of “Unreasonable,” a podcast dedicated to state/church separation, on which he spoke out against legislative prayer and favored treatment of religious lawmakers. He has opposed book bans and has introduced legislation that would establish uniform procedures for school boards to follow before being able to restrict students’ access to books.

Running as a Democrat, Rabb has earned the support of many of his constituents. In 2022, he won the highest vote count out of all 203 state House races. He has also received endorsements by Planned Parenthood and Liberty City, among many others.

We are glad to endorse Rabb and ask all of our Pennsylvania advocates to encourage others to vote for him on Nov. 5. Find out more about his candidacy at his campaign website.