A photo of Diana DeGetter with the title secularist of the week and A photo of Dave Williams with the title Theocrat of the Week

‘Secularist’ joins Stop Project 2025 Task Force, Colo. GOP chair is ‘theocrat’


FFRF Action Fund’s “Theocrat of the Week” is the Colorado Republican Party chair, and current candidate for Congress, for his perpetuation of  vehemently homophobic ideas to his party in a vile mass email and social media post. Our “Secularist of the Week” became a founding member of a new task force that will counteract the far-right Project 2025.

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, representing Colorado’s 1st District, joined the Stop Project 2025 Task Force, launched this week by Rep. Jared Huffman. Project 2025 is a “right-wing plot to undermine democracy” that wants to disassemble the federal government and strip away countless civil rights and democratic freedoms. The task force’s members “represent the diversity of the Democratic Caucus” and will tirelessly work to counter Project 2025. 

DeGette is joined by Reps. Ted Lieu, Nanette Barragán, Judy Chu, Mark Pocan, Jamie Raskin and Pramila Jayapal as the task force’s founding members, alongside Huffman. DeGette remarked, “As we face the critical juncture of the upcoming election, where fundamental rights like abortion access hang in the balance, this task force is not just timely — it’s essential. We must counteract the radical roadmap laid out by Project 2025 to ensure that our country does not go backwards at the hands of their extremist agenda.” 

If Donald Trump returns to the White House, Project 2025 will provide a comprehensive plan on how to implement Christian nationalism and expand the powers of the presidency. Its playbook touches on all aspects of American life and works to radically transfigure federal policy by eliminating certain federal agencies, stacking departments with conservative figureheads and purging civil servants who do not aid a radical right-wing agenda. Project 2025 wants to strip state-church separation, reproductive rights, LGBTQ-plus equality, racial justice, the rule of law and fair immigration policies. Huffman has warned, “Americans don’t understand just how far down the road to a dystopic, right-wing theocracy we are right now.” 

We are extremely thankful to DeGette for joining this critical endeavor. Currently in her 14th term, DeGette co-chairs the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus and has long been a leading voice in reproductive rights, health care and environmental issues. She will be paramount to the task force’s efforts.

Meanwhile, our “theocrat,” Colorado Republican Chair Dave Williams, penned a hateful mass email to the state’s GOP in early June. The email reads: “The month of June has arrived and, once again, the godless groomers in our society want to attack what is decent, holy, and righteous so they can ultimately harm our children.” Williams is referring to the alt-right, false narrative that the LGBTQ-plus community is “grooming” children, which was concocted to justify the far-right’s hateful resistance to advancing LGBTQ-plus rights. Williams repeatedly refers to this unfounded narrative in his tirade against the community.

The email opened with a rainbow graphic featuring the derogatory phrase “God Hates Flags,” a rhyming echo of the slogan used by the Westboro Baptist Church when picketing funerals of LGBTQ-plus Americans. Additionally, Williams attached a YouTube clip of a hateful sermon from Pastor Mark Driscoll and highlighted a specific excerpt: “Progressivism is a demonic lie. God doesn’t need to improve his message because he got it right the first time. Unlike those of us who think that there needs to be progress, there doesn’t need to be progress, there needs to be obedience to perfection … and that is the Word of God.” 

Williams concluded the email with, “Thank you, and as we said last year, together, we can protect our children and future … but only if you get involved and defend the most vulnerable in our society from these woke creeps.” Williams absurdly chose the close “For our children” before signing his name and adding a postscript that “God hate [sic] pride.” 

The Colorado Republican Party then double-downed, calling on X for people to “Burn all the #pride flags this June” in response to backlash from Williams’ email. Williams further brushed off the criticism, saying, “We used a clip of a Christian sermon to speak against Pride Month, and the backlash we see is coming from radical Democrats, the media and pundits, and weak Republicans who want to stick their head in the sand.”

Jefferson County GOP Chair Nancy Pallozzi launched a move to oust Williams from his party position, collecting signatures from fellow Republicans to call a special meeting of Colorado’s GOP governing body to consider Williams’ removal. Williams told Colorado Politics: “We look forward to the discussion over their defense of Pride Month and its harmful agenda against children while notifying their constituents of their publicly aligned Pride position with radical Democrats … if people want a special meeting, we will accommodate.”

Williams is a candidate for Colorado’s 5th congressional District, which will have a competitive Republican primary on June 25. Williams’ campaign was endorsed by Donald Trump. In a statement to The Hill, Williams said the Colorado Republican Party makes “no apologies for saying God hates pride or pride flags as it’s an agenda that harms children and undermines parental authority.” Clearly, Williams will not rescind his hateful and dangerous comments. We desperately need allies like our “secularist” as “theocrats” continue to entrench themselves. 

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