TAKE ACTION: Don’t let Georgia siphon funds from public schools!

Georgia public school students need your activism now!

SB Bill 233 is headed to the governor’s desk very soon, and this is the last chance to stop it. Please reach out to Gov. Brian Kemp to keep this bill from becoming law!

SB 233 would create an education savings account program for students attending private schools, forcing all Georgia taxpayers to pay for private religious instruction. This bill disregards the fact that most students who would benefit from this program are already attending private schools, and need no state-funded assistance. Georgia lawmakers are simply looking for a way to push public funds into private, usually religious, schools, and disregard the needs of public school students. The fight for secular education needs your voice now!

This bill is in danger of being signed soon, so please don’t wait to act. We encourage reaching out to Kemp both via phone and email, using the provided customizable talking points. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in Georgia in order to take part in this action alert.)