TAKE ACTION: Fight back against Ryan Walters’ theocratic antics

Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters is endangering not only the separation of church and state, but the education of all Oklahoma students. FFRF has been hard at work keeping him from allowing school districts to proselytize students. Every time we’ve taken action, he’s fought back with hypocritical and inflammatory rhetoric — and now, we need you to speak out against him.

After FFRF celebrated the promise of Prague (Okla.) public school officials to stop coercing students to pray over the intercom at their school, Walters took to X (formerly Twitter), releasing a video erroneously declaring that FFRF is “funded by George Soros” and villainizing FFRF, stating that we’re “bullying” school districts. In the same breath that he said, “We have to take a stand for our students’ freedom of religion,” he declared that he “will not allow atheism to be the state-sponsored religion of our school system.” FFRF reached out to Walters yet again to offer constitutional tutoring, only for him to respond with a video from PragerU, a known right-wing propaganda machine. 

Walters’ continued resistance to state/church separation cannot continue unchecked, and the best way to fight back against his blatant disregard for the actual freedom of conscience of students is for constituents to raise their voices against him. Walters needs to know that Oklahomans want him to stop abusing his office. We are encouraging you to not only contact Walters to complain but to also use social media and letters to your local newspaper objecting to his misuse of his office to promote Christian nationalist policies. 

We’ve included suggested language through the “Take Action” button, which can be edited to your liking. We urge you to personalize this message, including identifying yourself as an atheist, agnostic, freethinker or any other descriptor you prefer.

(Note: You must live in Oklahoma to participate in this action alert.)