TAKE ACTION: Florida schools still aren’t safe from religious chaplains!

Religious chaplains are still a threat to Florida public schools. Senate Bill 1044 will be heard tomorrow, Feb. 6. Your advocacy did not go unnoticed during the recent hearing of the House version of this bill, so please reach out to senators to stop this bill!

SB 1044 would allow school boards to approve volunteer chaplains to meet with students, with the senator originally backing these bills nationally admitting that his end goal is to “put God back in the government.” This is a massive violation of the Establishment Clause. Public schools need to be kept free of religious preaching. Don’t let children fall prey to indoctrination masked as “guidance.”

If this bill’s sponsoring organization gets its way, chaplains will bring Christianity to “unreached” children from 4 to 14 — and eventually bring prayer into school assemblies. Please act today! We encourage using our suggested language in addition to reaching out to representatives via phone through our automated system.

(Note: You must live in this state to take part in this action alert.)