TAKE ACTION: Keep fighting to repeal Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban!

We know you just heard from us, but this issue is too important for us to remain silent. We need you once more to urge your state senator to vote to pass House Bill 2677, which would repeal the 1864 abortion law that the Arizona Supreme Court recently upheld.

As we mentioned in our previous alert, repealing this outdated, draconian law would revert Arizona to a previous 15-week abortion ban. A 15-week abortion ban is still unacceptable, but it would be one step closer to restoring abortion accessibility in Arizona. Nearly 60 percent of Arizona’s voters believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Arizona’s legislature should reflect the views of its citizens.

Despite the grandstanding by some anti-choice hardliners, who compared abortion to slavery, the bill moves forward. The primary objections to abortion are religious in nature, and one’s personal beliefs should never rule over the health and bodily autonomy of another.

Urge your state senator to vote “yes” on the repeal of this 160-year-old abortion ban! It takes less than a minute to use our customizable talking points through the “Take Action” button to reach out to your representative and senator via phone and email. For best results, please be succinct and polite. Thank you.

(Note: You must live in Arizona to take part in this action alert.)