TAKE ACTION: Keep religious chaplains out of Indiana public schools!

Indiana public schools are at risk of being invaded by religious chaplains! 

Senate Bill 50 will soon be voted on by a Senate committee, opening the school doors for religious chaplains. Take action today!

SB 50 would allow religious chaplains to act as school counselors. Unlike other versions of this bill, principals and superintendents would be given free rein to approve the usage of religious chaplains, overstepping the will of school boards. This is an indoctrination dream come true for religious extremists, and will undoubtedly lead to principals encouraging children to visit the chaplain for preaching cloaked as “guidance.” Don’t let children fall victim to this indoctrination scheme!

The Senate committee hearing this bill will vote on it tomorrow, Jan. 24, so there’s no time to waste! For more information on this bill, we’ve included FFRF Action Fund Senior Policy Counsel Ryan Jayne’s written testimony with this alert. Take action today!

(Note: You must live in this state to take part in this action alert.)