TAKE ACTION: Keep religious chaplains out of Iowa public schools!

Iowa public schools could soon be host to proselytizers! 

Two upcoming bills, Senate Study Bill 3092 and House File 2073, are threatening to make religious indoctrination in public school even easier. Please take action today to keep preaching out of school.

SSB 3092 and HF 2073 would allow public school districts to hire chaplains or allow them to volunteer in public schools to work with students. Under these bills, chaplains would not have to be licensed, certified, or otherwise qualified to assist students adequately. Public schools need to be kept free of religious figures. Don’t let children fall prey to indoctrination masked as “guidance.”

These two bills are moving quickly, so don’t wait to take action! We encourage using our suggested language in addition to reaching out to legislators by phone through our automated system. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in Iowa in order to take part in this campaign.)