TAKE ACTION: Keep voucher programs away from Louisiana schools!

An intensive voucher program has been introduced in the Louisiana Legislature!

House Bill 745 is looking to funnel public funds towards private religious schools. Please take action today to keep public funding from being used for indoctrination!

HB 745 would create a universal voucher program for students across the state, allowing the legislature to send taxpayer money that should be used for public schools to private, often religious schools. This means that public funds would be able to be used for anything at a private institution from textbooks to tuition, even toward a student’s school uniform. Programs like these frequently offer no actual benefit to the general public, as more often than not the students receiving these benefits are already in private schools. This is an attack on public school funding and education — and it needs to be stopped!

The bill was recently introduced, and has already made it through its first committee, so please make sure to voice your opposition to it to keep it from moving too far! We suggest using our provided customizable talking points to reach out to your representatives both via email and phone. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in Louisiana to take part in this action alert.)