TAKE ACTION: Make abortion legal again in Missouri!

We know you’re aware that Missouri was the first to totally ban abortion after the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade in June 2022. Missouri’s ban has no exceptions for rape or incest and leaves physicians vulnerable to prosecution even for performing abortions in medical emergencies. 

However, the groups Abortion Action Missouri and Missourians for Constitutional Freedom are fighting back! A campaign is underway to place “The Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative” on the ballot in November. It would require Missouri’s government to “not deny or infringe upon a person’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom.” This would allow Missourians to legally access abortion, contraception or miscarriage care without interference from theocratic politicians. 

The campaign has until May 5 to gather 172,000 valid petition signatures from Missourians in six congressional districts to end the state’s cruel abortion ban. 

The good news is that since the Dobbs ruling, abortion rights advocates are on a winning streak in passing any state initiatives to protect abortion rights that make it onto a ballot  — because a majority of Americans support legal abortion. Unfortunately, anti-abortionists are organizing to fight any abortion initiative petition that makes it to November’s ballot. We cannot let them win.

Almost all organized opposition to abortion health care is religious in nature. We need your help to protect the separation of state and church and reproductive freedom in Missouri. 

What you can do:

  1. Volunteer to collect and notarize signatures to ensure that “The Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative” appears on Missourians’ ballot in November. All petition signatures must occur in person, per Missouri’s law. Learn more from Abortion Action Missouri or Missourians for Constitutional Freedom
  2. Make sure you and those you love (particularly younger members of your family) are registered to vote on Nov. 5. 
  3. And, of course, plan to vote YES and get out the vote on Nov. 5 for “The Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative” amendment. Learn more here.

Thank you!