TAKE ACTION: Protect Va. children from religious day care center scheme

Virginia children need your advocacy today!

Senate Bill 76 has been scheduled for a hearing tomorrow. This bill is an active danger to children at many day cares. Don’t give religious institutions free rein over treatment of Virginia children — take action now!

SB 76 would exempt child care centers owned by religious institutions from licensure requirements. The misguided efforts in other states with similarly lax licensure based on religious beliefs have led to disastrous results, including abuse and neglect. If this bill passes, failed child care centers could simply say that they are a “religious organization” to avoid being shut down — and continue to harm children. Virginian children don’t deserve this legalized abuse in the name of “religious rights.” 

This bill will be heard tomorrow, so it’s important to act today! We encourage using our automated system to reach out to the Senate Education and Health Committee both via email and phone. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in Virginia to take part in this action alert.)