TAKE ACTION: Put a stop to an anti-choice tax scheme!

A dangerous bill is on the move in Oklahoma!

House Bill 1788 is yet another attempt to limit a pregnant woman’s right to choose. This bill poses a threat to pregnant women attempting to obtain an abortion by incentivizing taxpayers to contribute to deceptive pregnancy centers. Don’t let this vital health care procedure be used to endanger women’s lives. Take action today!

HB 1788 seeks to reward Oklahoma taxpayers if they subsidize crisis pregnancy centers throughout the state. The bill allows Oklahoma individuals and corporations to receive a 70 percent tax credit for their donations to such centers. These centers seem innocent enough, but are largely religious in nature, and use misinformation to prey on vulnerable women in an attempt to stop women from making an informed decision that is right for them. Women deserve to have the best possible health care for this important decision, and organizations that seek to enforce their worldview on their clients should not be given tax credits. Please contact your senator today!

This bill is still moving in the Oklahoma Legislature, so please act today! We’ve included customizable talking points through the “Take Action” button for you to contact your senator both via email and phone. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in this state in order to take part in this action alert.)