TAKE ACTION: Stand up for abortion rights in Wisconsin!

Abortion rights in Wisconsin are under attack! 

A new ballot initiative aims to put a harsh restriction on pregnant individuals’ freedom of choice. Religious extremists hold a tight grip on Wisconsin lawmakers, so state citizens need to take action today to prevent total control over bodily autonomy. Contact your assembly representatives today!

GOP leadership in the Wisconsin Legislature has shockingly introduced a ballot initiative to ban abortion at 14 weeks. Particularly cruel is the limitation placed on the ban’s medical emergency exception. In these cases, an abortion is only allowed if a C-section or vaginal delivery would increase the risk of dying or “irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function.” This initiative is intended to appear on the ballot during the April GOP presidential primary, and would go into immediate effect if it passes! Assembly sponsors announced a last-minute hearing taking place on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, with the measure expected to pass very quickly. As we draw closer to the election, religious measures like this one will increase in quantity and severity, so we need you to fight for your freedom of choice today!

Fortunately, Gov. Tony Evers would certainly veto it, but we need you to do your part. Religious extremists controlling the Wisconsin Legislature won’t let Evers’ veto stop them, and more measures like this are certainly on their way. For more than a year, abortion clinics were shuttered in Wisconsin, causing untold privation to Wisconsin citizens. Take action today to let your representative know you will not tolerate religious dogma dictating personal reproductive choices of Wisconsin citizens! It’s additionally helpful to write to your local newspaper and share this alert on social media to educate others. Act today!

(Note: You must live in Wisconsin to take part in this action alert.)