TAKE ACTION: Urge Gov. Hochul to repeal a long standing adultery law!

It’s time to repeal an outdated law!

After long-dormant laws sprung back into effect all over the country following the overturn of Roe, we must not sleep on ancient laws simply because they are not currently being enforced. New York has the chance to rid the books of a longstanding adultery law. Please act today and encourage Gov. Kathy Hochul to sign this bill!

A. 4714 would repeal the law making adultery a crime in New York. This antiquated law has historically been used to target women. There is no need for the state to take action against the private lives of its citizens. The “crime” of adultery is based on Old Testament law and has no place in a modern secular society. Please act today to help rid the state of this unnecessary religious law!

We encourage usage of our customizable talking points to reach out to Hochul both via email and phone. For best results, please be succinct and polite. Thank you.

(Note: You must live in New York in order to take part in this action alert.)