TAKE ACTION: Urge your governor to end child marriage!

An important bill is sitting on Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s desk!

House Bill 994, which would raise the marriage age to 18 without exception, passed out of the Senate and is waiting to be signed. It’s vital to protect the rights of children in Virginia, so please act now!

Religion has a long history of trapping children in marriage after grooming them as a way to escape legal prosecution. A just, secular society needs to protect children and hold citizens accountable regardless of religious affiliation. Please help to make Virginia the 13th state to end child marriage!

Again, the last step for this bill to become law is Youngkin’s signature, so please fight for the rights of children and contact him today. We encourage usage of our customizable talking points through the “Take Action” button to reach out to him both via email and phone. For best results, please be succinct and polite.

(Note: You must live in this state to take part in this action alert.)